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Aks \ پیکچِر

You're free and happy. even when

You feels or

decide to feel you are alone

be sure that, God is with you

... , and this is not lucky

being happy about what every people truly are .

.and how They Are

our friends. our dears


nobody isn't somethings in our hand


let them to be free

to be themselves

.encourage them when it needs




be yourself*


...  be fine*

(be true)

when the time was amazing

 be amazing) too) 


or fight in the dark

but or and i'm sure good thoughts 

are more stronger than 

dirty thoughts so

believe what you believe


more more more


i'm sure


god showed me



goodness showed



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ادامه داشت. فقط نوشتن متن رو میگویم. کلا که بله.
این که چیزی نیس.
اگه غلط دستوری املایی هم داشت با لطف و محبتتون گوشزد فرمایید؛
تا خود بیشتر یاد بگیرم انگلیسی رُ.
شبتون خوش.
صبح خوبی داشته باشیند.
امتحاناتون هم خوب قبول شید. به حقوقاتون هم هی اضافه شه. خلاقیتاتون هم بیشتر شکوفا شه هی. ...
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