The weak sensitive is a target. The Good sensitives are Giants. Hey weak sensitives: you are awesome. Let that quality to becomes giants. For who are "worst than dirt., actually the nothing is better than "..

or not. for... (.........)

;I should say sorry. for my being shit in fight with humanity. And my lovely woman/friend/dude/...!!! So not to all. an' at all I'm never like that. It's about lostin times... And write what is not import.. . Har har. Hnevermind.

(Shit thoughts)(messed up communications) stupid fights. jealousy.

Glorious friends. eople. umans. trong. Poerfl. Human. o,

 ﬡᗴⅤᙓᖇᙢᓰﬡᖙ. ᙢᗩᖇᖇᎩ ᙭ᙢᗩᔕ

i'm in movin on. The new level of my ...s . but i'm steel me. And it's not a new speech. I'm happy.. Of Your Being, My/Our Master/Dear/D... . (sometimes you try to say and show your deep respect for her/someone/friend/Giant… but however you did, made that more shuktup)(I think I should figure out myself with myself and kill my anxiety and …) sometimes you just need to be quiet. Yes. Now about those who are worst that dirt actually n…:

t's sad. Yes. I'm not sad, because of someone's being the reason, for making Sad moments., People. don't want to say i don't see them anymore. ........


is not boring… or… if…

ᙢ૪ ᗰᗩᔕ♈ᙓᖇ;



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